Shadow Dancing Home Study

Take 30 days to go over this material.  Listen to everything. Read everything. Start using it. If, after diving into your program and giving it 100%, you are not completely satisfied, simply email us within 30 days of the  original purchase date and you will receive a full refund or exchange for another program."

Refund requests must be sent to  No other form of correspondence will be accepted.

Please note: No refunds will be made after the 30 days from purchase.

This policy does not apply to Live Class Programs, BYOL Group Coaching, and Private Coaching (VIP Days, 6-month or year-long programs)..  Refer to those programs for our Policy on Refunds and other Terms and Conditions.)

Exceptions to Granting Refunds:  

  1. All parties who have requested refunds on any consecutive occasions or for 50% or more of their purchases are ineligible for this Risk-Free offer.
  2. All Parties who have filed a payment processor dispute (chargeback) abdicate all rights under this Refund Policy and agree to abide by this policy.  
  3. Anyone who has a past due balance on a previous program does not qualify for a Payment Plan for this program, unless previous balanceis paid in full. In addition, they are not entitled to a refund unless past payment(s) received in full within the refund period specified in this Policy.

There are no exceptions.

By making this purchase you are agreeing to the terms of this Refund Policy, including the Exceptions to Granting Refunds.  You may be asked to do a brief survey, if you have requested a refund.

Any further questions contact


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