What is the difference between programs?

The Law of Emergence FREE Audio eCourse: this is a mini version of the foundational course on the law of emergence, meant to introduce people to the essential ideas that make up this revolutionary principle. It’s not a replacement for the full law of emergence course, just a primer.

The Law of Emergence home study course. This is a 10-hour course on the principle of The Law of Emergence — based on a live program. This is the course that started it all, and it takes the listener through several layers of understanding and practice around the Law of Emergence — and how to apply it to their lives. While it has many exercises and activities, the fundamental purpose of this program is to fully acquaint the listener with this principle and all that it entails. It is considered Part 1 in the Emergence Mastery Series.

95-Page PDF eBook
Power-packed with 12 Detailed Chapters, outlining the foundation of The Law of Emergence
Q and A Exercises to Un-lock what is holding you back
Law of Emergence Exercises to unlock your full potential

5 Audio Training Classes  (mp3) Plus Bonus Audio
Includes over 10 hours of lessons, tips, strategies, transformational exercises, and guided meditations that can instantly re-pattern your neural network and change your subjective beliefs.

Emergineering Personal Development (Home Study) System. This 10-hour program lays out the 7-Stage Process for engineering your full emergence in any area of your life. This picks up where the Law of Emergence Home Study left off, showing the listener how to actively apply the Law of Emergence in a step-by-step framework for maximum results. It further clarifies the universal principles that support the Law of Emergence and explains how to activate them in your life.

Whereas the original Law of Emergence program gives you the foundation and begins your transformation, this program shows you how to build the life of your dreams on that foundation. This is part 2 in the Emergence Mastery Series. 

Soul Purpose Blueprint. For some people, the work in Emergineering isn’t enough to uncover their full life vision and clear all the obstacles to fulfilling it. After nearly two decades of teaching people how to tap into their purpose and realizing all the reasons they can’t or won’t, I created this program to help solve all those problems. It includes the latest cutting edge insights, techniques, and tools to gain crystal clarity around their life purpose and remove the blocks to fully committing to it. That includes the 8 core Vision Blinders that block people from seeing their vision fully, the Soul Profile process that allows people to interpret the clues that life is giving them about their purpose, the 12 Soul Purpose Archetypal Patterns that make up their Soul Purpose, and a lot more.


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