IMPACT Alumni - Program Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing Emerging Edge Media. This establishes the standards of the IMPACT Mastermind.

Below outlines Emerging Edge Media, Inc.’s policies and a description of what to expect of services to be provided:

1)   THE RELATIONSHIP between Derek and the Client.  Derek serves as your partner in self-discovery, personal growth, goal-setting, and goal-reaching in accordance with the IMPACT program description.

Although Derek works from a specific model in providing services, it is actually you, the Client, who determines the eventual outcome based on your level of commitment and focus.

2)  PROGRAM PERIOD:  The Client understands that the program is for 8 months.  This is not a subscription that can be broken down into monthly payments, but a full cost program, regardless of whether the Client completes the program or not. 
2a.) Included in the Client’s Impact Alumni Program: 
• 3 Group Calls a Month with Derek
• The Private Mastermind Facebook Group
• Private Small Groups
• 1 Virtual Retreat per Year
• 8 Months of the Prosperity Playground
• Special Leadership Training & Potential Opportunities to Serve the Larger Community

3)  CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES / RESULTS:  The Client agrees to make a commitment to take an active part in the process by doing the work involved to get the best results.   We recommend as part of this work, that Client takes advantage, to the best of Client’s ability, of the various tools of this program such as the private Facebook Group; being on Derek’s coaching calls, getting an accountability partner, participating in the small workgroup, and attend the Live Virtual Retreat, to help ensure that Client gets the full benefit and rewards of the program. 

Alumni Program Amounts:
Option 1: Full Pay $4,997
Option 2: Payment Plan 6 monthly payments at $997

4b) Refund Policy: Refunds are not applicable.

Please understand that there are no exceptions to this policy. 

The Client agrees to honor any and all payments.  The Client agrees not to file any chargeback(s) or a dispute for any payment(s) amount(s) and to abide by the policies set forth herein.

4c) For Full Pay PAYMENT METHOD OPTIONS besides credit card payment.
Wire Transfers:
($30 fee to be added to payments.) This is the preferred payment method for all IMPACT purchases.   A deposit is required via credit card and the balance can be wired in full.  Payment of the balance shall be made within 3 Business Days from the deposit date. 
 IF YOU USE AN ACH transfer you need to use this checking account routing number:  322271627 or do regular wire using the routing number indicated in the instructions below.

1. Account #: 3170170430
2. Name on my account: Emerging Edge Media / Derek Rydall
3. Routing #: 021000021
4. Address: JP MORGAN/CHASE, 1 Chase Manhattan, New York, NY 10005

1. Account #: 3170170430
2. Name on my account: Emerging Edge Media / Derek Rydall
4. Address: JP MORGAN/CHASE, 1 Chase Manhattan, New York, NY 10005

4c) PAYMENT PLANS: I understand that if I choose a monthly payment plan, after the initial payment, subsequent payments will automatically charge every 30 days thereafter until paid in full.  The Client also understands that taking a payment plan option instead of a full payment plan is agreeing to honor each and every payment until completed.  

Late Payments: If a payment is more than 5 days late, Emerging Edge Media, Inc. may choose to revoke programs until payment has been made.  If more than one late payment occurs, Emerging Edge Media, Inc. has the right to invoke a late fee of 3% of the payment amount. 
Non-Payment: Emerging Edge Media, Inc. may seek legal action in order to recoup any balance due, including legal costs. 

5) COST OF TELEPHONE CALLS:  The Client is responsible for any cost related to the program sessions and any other call costs that may be applicable. 

6) CONTACT INFORMATION CHANGE: If any changes, the Client agrees to notify to update the Client’s record. The Client also agrees that if using a credit card, that said card will be kept up to date so that payments can process as scheduled.

7) PROGRAM TERMINATION:  The IMPACT program and any bonus(es) given, terminate at the end of the 8th month.
8) Cancellation Policy and Payment Obligation of Client:   The Client understands that there is no cancellation period.
The Client also understands dropping this program does not dismiss the Client’s responsibility for full payment of the program price, which is due and payable to Emerging Edge Media, Inc.  

This program is not a subscription or month-to-month program, but an 8-month program at the quoted price.


9a) CONFIDENTIALITY:  The Client agrees to hold confidential all goings-on in this group and not share information about another member of the group with anyone in or out of the group.  The Client realizes that this is a sacred space for all members and is to be held in strict confidence since personal issues may be related by any given member for the purpose of healing and growth. 

Emerging Edge Media, Inc., holds this group and each client in confidence and discussions will not be held about any group member outside of this group. While Emerging Edge Media, Inc.’s team members may have access to peoples’ names and postings on the Facebook Group and are allowed to listen to all program audios as part of their training about our programs, they are being held to the same strict confidences as the Client.  Internal discussions among the team may occur in order to perform one’s duties for the Client and the program.
9b) Exceptions to confidentiality:

i.) In the course of their regular clerical duties, Emerging Edge Media support staff may be privy to Client information and may choose to listen to recordings of the sessions for IMPACT as part of their package for being a member of our Team.

ii.) In the event that Derek believes there is clear and imminent danger to the life and physical safety of the client or others, the coach may need to disclose selected information in order to make appropriate and potentially life-saving interventions.

iii.) In highly unusual circumstances, legal requirements may demand that confidential material be revealed.

iv.) If a client publicly makes false and slanderous claims about Derek or any coaches’ work with the client, with the intent to harm Emerging Edge Media, Derek Rydall, the Master Coaches, or a team member, Derek shall be at liberty to respond publicly to those false charges in order to protect his own personal and professional reputation and the personal and professional reputation of a Master Coach or team member.

10)  MEMBERSHIP OF FACEBOOK GROUP(S) – Rules for Membership:

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE that being a member of this Facebook Group or any Facebook Group of Emerging Edge Media is for interacting with the members regarding the program for which the FB group was established.  It is also a place to gain and grow relationships and help one another.

I FURTHER UNDERSTAND AND AGREE that the Facebook Group(s) is not a place to register complaints about the Company, a team member, or anyone else.  Any such acts are disruptive and unfair to the other members and that is not what the Group is set up for.

If a person posts anything in the group that is not in keeping with working on the program and is posting a complaint, any out of line comments, or being hostile in any way, that person will be removed, blocked and the IMPACT program may need to be reduced to only the calls and no personal interaction with other members. 
Any Client having an issue about any occurrence or action or problem with an order, team member or other issue agrees that they will contact ALWAYS. 

Emerging Edge Media, Inc. is open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism ALWAYS and will do their best to resolve a client’s issues if a problem is apparent.

BY PURCHASING THIS PROGRAM, I am in complete agreement with the aforementioned Facebook Rules.

11) HOLD HARMLESS:  The Client agrees to utilize Emerging Edge Media services with the full understanding that Derek Rydall, Emerging Edge Media, their employees, volunteers, contractors, and directors are in no way responsible or liable for their decisions, actions, and their outcomes.
You also agree to hold Derek Rydall, Emerging Edge Media, their employees, employees, volunteers, contractors, and directors free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific referral, advice given, or any actions taken while working with or as a result of working with Emerging Edge Media, Inc., and Derek Rydall.

By making a payment for this program, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the aforementioned program policies and description of the same.


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