Refund Policy: Client has 72 hours from their initial or full payment to request a refund.  No refunds will be granted once the 72-hour period ends.

Please understand that there are no exceptions to this refund policy. 

The Client MUST contact to request a refund.  No other form of communication will be accepted.

Exceptions to Granting Refunds:

  1. All parties who have requested refunds on any consecutive occasions or for 50% or more of their purchases are ineligible.
  2. All parties who have filed a payment processor dispute or chargeback abdicate all rights under this Refund Policy and agree to abide by this policy.
  3. Anyone who has a past due balance on a previous program must pay previous balance(s) in full, to receive program delivery.  (Contact to make arrangements to clear any previous balance owed.)     In addition, Client is not entitled to a refund unless past payment(s) received in full within the refund period specified for this program..

Client agrees to honor any and all payments.  Client agrees not to file any chargeback(s) or a dispute for any payment(s) amount(s) and to abide by the policies set forth herein once the refund period expires.

Diamond Impact is Private Coaching with Derek.  No Refunds

Alumni Impact No refunds


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