Shadow Dancing Live

Refund Policy   
(Please Read Carefully Entire Policy)

You can join us for the first call, and if the work doesn’t make you want to deep-dive into this program, just email us within 48-hours from Call 1, and we’ll give you a complete refund! (See Exceptions to Granting Refunds to this policy below.)

(Note Exception: For Awakened Wealth Mastery Live, the first call (or class) is called "The Success Path" and the refund period will be 48 hours from the time that call ends.)

Note:  You must email us only at  No other form of communication will be accepted.

Exceptions to Granting Refunds:   

  1.  All parties who have requested refunds on any consecutive occasions for other programs; or for 50% or more of their purchases are ineligible for a refund.
  2.  All Parties who have filed a payment processor dispute (chargeback) abdicate all rights under this Refund Policy and agree to abide by this policy.  
  3.  Anyone who has a past due balance on a previous program does not qualify for a Payment Plan for this program, unless previous balance is paid in full. In addition, they are not entitled to a refund unless past payment(s) have been received in full within the refund period specified in this Policy.
  4.  Anyone who has download rights will not be issued a refund.

There are no exceptions.

By making this purchase you are agreeing to the terms of this Refund Policy, including the Exceptions to Granting Refunds.  You may be asked to do a brief survey, if you have requested a refund.


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