Prosperity Playground Guarantee and Refund Policy

Offer Guarantee and Policy.  (This covers the Monthly SubscriptionProgram and also the Trial Offer Program Subscription.)

The Prosperity Playground Monthly Subscription Program has a recurring charge of $29 per month.

The program can be canceled at any time by the Client; however, to avoid a recurring charge in any given month, YOU MUST EMAIL at least 5 “BUSINESS” days (or SOONER) prior to the billing date. Billings occur every 30 days until canceled by the client. Once the recurring charge has been made, it will not be reversed or refunded. 

The Prosperity Playground LIMITED FREE TRIAL OFFER and Subscription.

The Trial offer can only be taken one time regardless of what events or programs in which it is offered. Additionally, it is not offered to those currently in or who have been in the Prosperity Playground program.
This Trial Offer will automatically charge the card given at the time of taking this offer $29 per month at the end of the Trial unless the Client has canceled at least 5 BUSINESS days prior to the first billing date.  Once a payment processes there are no refunds and no exceptions.
In order for any program to be most effective, the Client must make a commitment to take an active part in the process; therefore, the results of a program are based on the effort and energy the Client puts into it, which will largely determine the outcome you experience.  Therefore, there are no guarantees to the results or what someone experiences. The results and outcome of this and other programs are the Client’s commitment and willingness to take an active part in the full process.
When Canceled
Once canceled, in accordance with the above-noted terms, you will not be charged, but are responsible for whatever charges have already been incurred or any charge that declined before the cancellation by the Client.  In order to treat everyone equally, NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE TO OUR REFUND POLICIES.
Acceptance by Client of the foregoing.
When purchasing the monthly program or signing up for the Trial Offer, which bills after the Trial ends, you acknowledge that you have read the above in full and agree to the same. I Further Agree to make any payment that is declined prior to my request and receipt by Support to cancel the program.  






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