Do you offer payment plans?

Products and Live Classes   

(Does not include Private Coaching, BYOYL Group Coaching or VIP Days.  These programs are shown separately.)

The Sales Page and the Cart for our products and live classes, will indicate the payment plan, if applicable.  On all payment plans, the first payment is due at time of order.  Additional payment(s) due every 30-days or with some plans every 15 days.  Note:  PayPal also offers payment plans and you could go to that link when ordering.

Emerging Edge Media offers these plans as a convenience to enable people to take advantage of our products and live classes who may not otherwise be able to take advantage of our offers.  By accepting a payment plan, you are agreeing to honor your commitment and responsibility to complete the terms of the purchase. 


Private Coaching Clients (Not VIP Days)

One-year program with Derek.  Payment plans are generally 4 months to 6 months.  If longer payment plans needed, they would need to be okayed by Derek.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Emerging Edge Master Coach Program:  One year coaching programs - 3 levels with an in-house coach.   Each level allows for 12 monthly payments.

VIP Days

For the VIP Day, we offer a 2-pay or 4-pay.  Payments plans may have an have additional fee (5% for 2-pay and 10% 4-pay).  The payment plan would depend on when the VIP day is scheduled.  Plans are payable monthly and can only be stretched out over a 4-month period.  Final Payment due at least 10 days before the session date.


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