Awakened Wealth Mastery (AWM) Live Virtual Program Refund and Cancellation Policy

 (Always contact if any questions or confusion regarding any policy.)

(Please Carefully read our program policies before making any purchase.)

Refund Request: For Awakened Wealth Mastery Live virtual classes 2023, the client needs to submit an email to Customer Support at no later than 3:00 p.m. PDT on  April 29, 2023, which is plus/minus 48 hours after Call 1 (The Success Path) on April 27th to qualify for a refund of the program.   

Cancellation of Program:  Cancellation of the program carries the same policy as the above refund policy.  A client requesting a cancellation of the program after the refund period has ended does not dismiss their responsibility for full payment.  

Exceptions to Granting Refunds: This applies to all our Programs where there is a Refund offer.

1. All parties who have requested refunds on consecutive occasions for other programs; or for 50% or more of their purchases are ineligible for a refund.

2. All Parties who have filed a payment processor dispute (chargeback) abdicate all rights under this Refund Policy and agree to abide by this policy.

3. Anyone who has a past due balance on a previous program does not qualify for a Payment Plan for this program unless the previous balance is paid in full. In addition, they are not entitled to a refund unless past payment(s) have been received in full within the refund period specified in this Policy. You will need to contact right away to settle this balance.

4.  Who has download rights will not receive a refund.

By making this purchase you are agreeing to the terms of this Refund and Cancellation Policy and agree to pay in full for the program.  There are no exceptions to any portion of the policy including where you need to submit your request. Again, submit your request directly to Customer Support at

There are no guarantees about what someone experiences. The results and outcome of this and other programs have to do with the Client’s commitment and willingness to take an active part in the process for the entire program.  Experiences can vary from person to person.  



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